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Sears Home improvement Comments

kborde says: (4 years ago)
i contracted sears to put a new roof on my house, they were not the best estament but they financed at 9% which i thought was good, the salesman was a nice man we got along well talked for about 2hrs my wife cooked dinner while we talked and he stayed for dinner very nice experience, we signed a contract over coffee after dinner and all was good, i thought i had made a new friend and a good deal. then nothing, no one called for two weeks, and i couldnt get hold of any one, he new i had leaks in the roof and was waiting for the new one, but still nothing, then finaly at the end off the two weeks the salesman called and said he had made a mistake, that he had only measured half the roof so now it was going to cost me double the price, (15,600.00) i told him i couldnt do that, he was nice about it and said thats what i told them, then said but we will let you out of the contract, i was glad about that and thanked him, then i got to thinking about it, i know, bad thing to do. the other estimates 2 were cheaper and one was higher, so did they all mis measure or is sears just that much higher priced than everyone else, in one cast sears was all most triple the price, WOW, i thuoght. my credit is top notch i got the city bank card good for 10,000 threw sears he never told me about the same day in the mail, so did he call me up and lie about the price being double to get out of the deal and make me feel good about it? i dont know. i had 5000 to put down on the roof that i was going to pay another card off with that, but the sales man had the good idea, pay off the other card that was 21% intrest and pay out the roof finance at at 9% that way i would save $ in the long run, (good idea) i did just that, now that they canceld the contract i have no money for a roof that leaks and a credit card with out a high enough limit to pay anyone else to put a roof on my house, im pretty much screwd, no $, no contract, and no roof in site. not to mention i found black mold growing on the celling where the roof is leaking. thanks sears

Rmerline says: (5 years ago)
I wish my mother and I have read these reviews. We would never have contracted with sears for remodeling and flooring. We were very disappointed for the length of time it took for the job to be completed. we were promise 4 to 6 weeks. Job dragged 3 months and half. Most of what we discussed were not included in the contract. The back splash my mom picked out were not delivered. The tile subcontractor put up wrong wrong. We asked to have it replaced with the correct one. Sale person came by we pick it again and we still didn't get the right one. We were forced to keep what was up there because of the length of time it took for the project to be completed. Another set tile was set and the grout didn't match the other one already set on the wall. Call project manager Jason by the way has no customer service training . Always rushing you in conversation. He doesn't care of what you dissatisfied in . Jason after several call stated he will looked to see what color grout was put in and going on two weeks now no call back. We were promised interest free that never happened. very first bill interest started to accrued. Informed salesman Anthony stated region manager will look into it. Communication with salesman started great but as I started to complaint it diminished. we were promised $500:of the bill for the wrong tile we will wait to see if sears going to keep their promise. My electricity was used to cut off cabinets and dry off refacing material also for cutting floor tile. My mother and I weren't home and the tile contractor (David)had my daughter to sign completion of certificate stating we are satisfied we the job. My daughter know nothing about the work. Unethical!!!!!.We are disappointed with the lack of response and professionalism we received from the team. We trusted sears as a big company to deliver quality work.

Rocks says: (5 years ago)
We installed a heating and cooling system 12/13/12 from Sears and had nothing but problems. don't waste your time with Sears home improvement. The thermostat was incorrectly installed, and so every season the installer would have to come out and fix the problem without resolving the problem which was very frustrating because we would have to take time off from work to correct the issue but then to discover that when one issue was resolved another arose. 18 months have come and gone and feeling like we've been bamboozeled. The unit has not been working properly so we called the original installer and he is now instructing us to call Sears ( what a run around!) we call sears and find out that the warranty on the unit has now expired but gladly offered their maintenance plan:
Air conditioning unit $700.00 for 2 years and heating unit $286 for 2 years :O
We have a child with chronic asthma and sweating like you would not believe!
DON'T make the mistake we made. If they approach you in any of the Sears store while you are shopping which was what they did to us, RUN!

lrosewiles says: (5 years ago)
I wish I had seen this prior to hiring Sears for a small kitchen remodeling. We've had nothing but problems. Cabinets measured incorrectly, delay after delay, they say people are coming and they don't so you waste days of work waiting. A terrible experience. We are still waiting for them to make it right by threatening legal action.

hoffmanfinancial says: (6 years ago)
Sears Home Improvements Timeline
May 12, 2013 Maureen McMahon signs agreement with Sears Home Improvements for
purchase and installation of a central air conditioner unit and a furnace
Sears salesman is Edward Aronson
With the agreement, Sears offers and Maureen accepts 12 months no-interest financing for the contract which totals $10,329.30
Aronson offers our choice of $850 Sears Gift card or reduction in contract price. Sears gift card is chosen
Aronson states that charge to interest free account will not occur until the installations are completed and pass inspection by the township
Contract states “formal completion of this installation does not occur until the inspection(s) is completed (if required) and that the balance due will not be collected until such time, as provided in my installation contract.”
Installations of both units are scheduled for June 4, 2013.
June 4, 2013 Installations occur as scheduled.
June 4, 2013 Sears charges credit account contrary to contract wording. (This was not
discovered by McMahon/Hoffman until the July Citibank bill was received. The June bill was never received). He July bill includes a $25.00 late charge.
June 5, 2013 Maureen calls Township of Old Bridge and accepts the first open inspection date
which is July 2, 2013
July 2, 2013 Township inspector arrives; inspects furnace and gives notice that installation is
not in compliance with code and we are in violation of fire and safety laws.
July 3, 2013 Maureen calls Sears Home Improvements –
Shulanda Rhodes
800-222-5030 X 5465
Call is sent to voice mail and Maureen leaves message
VARIOUSDATES Maureen makes two subsequent phone calls to Shulanda Rhodes and sends two
faxes. No messages are returned.
Township of Old Bridge notifies McMahon/Hoffman that a $2,000 fine is pending for uncorrected violation of the fire codes.
July 19, 2013 Credit account statement is received in mail from Citibank showing past due
balance from previous month and a late fee of $25. Previous statement was never received

Maureen and Michael both make phone calls. Michael leaves messages with answering services at various numbers including Sears Home Improvements Quality Assurance department. No calls are returned.
Michael is finally connected with Sears National Quality Assurance agent. She verifies that Sears’ sub-contractor was notified three weeks ago. Michael informs her that we were never contacted by them and our concerns were never acknowledged.
Maureen reaches Sears credit department and explains the situation. Maureen is informed that all charges would be reversed. In fact, only the $25.00mlate fee was reversed and the charge of $10, 329.30 remains on the account as of July 28, 2013.
July 21, 2013 Maureen calls Aronson and leaves message on his voice mail. He assures us
that he will contact the appropriate people and it will be taken care of.
July 24, 2013 Service technician schedules a visit for Saturday July 28, 2013.
July 28, 2013 Technician reviews notice from Township inspector and the installation.
Technician advises Michael that the part that Township is requiring is no longer manufactured and that he believes that the company that made it is no longer in business.
Michael leaves two voicemail messages for Aronson.
Aronson returns phone calls and Michael informs him that unless some notification is received by the end of the day on Monday July 29, 2013 that all
corrections would be made, legal action would be taken.
1. Total balance on credit account must be reversed.
2. Letters must be sent to all three national credit reporting agencies explaining that the past due balance was entirely the fault of Sears and should not be reflected on Maureen or Michael’s credit history.
3. Code violations must be remedied.
4. Township of Old Bridge must be advised DIRECTLY BY SEARS that corrections have been made.
5. Written assurance must be received from Sears that the credit account will not be charged until the deficiencies are corrected and THE INSTALLATION HAS PASSED INSPECTION BY THE TOWNSHIP OF OLD BRIDGE.
6. Since Maureen and Michael do not plan to patronize Sears ever again, the $850 rebate will be credited directly to the credit account or paid to McMahon and Hoffman by check rather than as a Sears Gift Card.

allme102 says: (6 years ago)
I have had two SHI people to my house, the first stood at my door and told me if I am getting quotes, Sears will be the most expensive, and he would be waisting my time. Sears called back to see how the esitmate went, i told them what happened and they apologized and offered me a discount and a new rep. The new rep showed on time, freindly and knowledgeable. We got an estimate for 21K worth of windows, insulation, siding, garage door, and new ac. I told him I would make a decision and be in touch. I sent him an email asking for several items, (written estimate, scope of work, pics of windows since i never saw them when he was out). It took him two weeks to respond,with a picture of the window, and a statement remove and hall away all items they replaced. I sent another email, and two voice mails, asking for scope of work and written estimate. No response. I called the main office, left voice mail at 8am, finally got a call from district manager at 4pm. Stated he would call rep call me back. the responce from the Dist Man 2 hours later, they need to be sure I am going throught with this, their busy and I am asking for alot of my rep, without assurance that they will get the work, but he will have rep call me today. No call, just another email with quick notes of scope of work, and still no written esitmate, but my estimate went up by nearly 5K. Is this really Sears now? Sad, upset and confussed. I try to give a company my business and want guarentees for it, and they apparently dont do that.

honeybee1463 says: (6 years ago)
I had an improperly installed roof that is humping up all along the edges, and sears salesmen 2 of them mismeasured my house so I was shorted half of the insulation I was contracted for. They also lied about what insulation they put in it was not owens corning fiberglass but some type of brown corrigated stuff. I was also told I signed a completion of job contract which was a lie. The woman at National consumer care at sears said that the signature on that document did not match all my other contract signatures. I said that's because I never signed it. I have call managers Robin Hatfield, Steve Jolles, and many many others NO ONE RETURNS THE CALLS!! I am sick and tired of dealing with people who rip off the elderly, handicapped, and Vetrans of war. All I am asking for is a call back, and to fix my roof, and give me the other half of the right insulation I was contracted for. I will never stop calling or writing about this! Especially when the first salesman Roy Owens came out and would not leave till 2 AM!!!! He kept trying to jack the bid up by 300.00, and the computer wouldn't let him. Then he tried to get us to sign up for a business of his own on sears co. time, for co. named MyCom said we could get 7 people to buy product and we would get 1,000 dollars. He would never say what the product was, but we could use this so called home business to write off or rip off the IRS for tax write offs for our roof, insulation, and gutters. When we told the manager Steve Jolles he blew it off like it was no big deal...and why did Roy take so long? I told him all of the above. Then Steve said well you could have asked him to leave. I said we did I went to bed at 12am, and Roy was then trying to get my boyfriend to sign my contract. In which my boyfriend said no I don't own the house she does. I was also promised 10% off if I would let another salesman in my house (because I was already approved for financing). So I agreed, but when Paul Hofmeister came he said he could only go down to 13,000.00 which was only 1.000 off not 1,400 off. Its sad all these complaints and no one gets any results! They are just using the sears name to gain your trust. DON'T TRUST THEM... NONE OF THEM!!!NOT EVEN THE ROOF INSPECTOR WHO SAID HE WORKED FOR ME NOT SEARS..THEN I GOT THE REPORT THAT MY ROOF WAS FINE, SO I CALLED HIM HE SAID I CAN'T TALK TO YOU ABOUT YOUR ROOF. REALLY I THOUGHT YOU WORKED FOR ME....OH YEA THATS RIGHT HE DIDN'T LIKE WHAT WE OBSERVED ABOUT ROY OWENS THAT HE USED OUR BATHROOM 5 TIMES NEVER FLUSHED THE TOILET OR RAN WATER ALL WE HEARD WAS SNIFFING, AND HIM COMING OUT WIRED FOR SOUND..THE INSPECTOR THREATENED MY BOYFRIEND NOT TO TELL SEARS THAT, THAT HE WAS A FRIEND OF ROYS. BUT THE INSPECTOR DENIED THAT WHEN I CALLED HIM. I SAID OH YOU DIDN'T TELL MY BOYFRIEND NOT TO SAY THAT TO SEARS THAT ROY WAS YOUR FRIEND...HE SAID NO I DON'T KNOW ROY BUT THE NAME SOUNDS FAMILIAR. WOW UNBELIEVABLE!!!!Will I ever get my roof fixed,or the rest of my insulation???

punkcrab says: (7 years ago)
I used sears home improvement to purchase and install my hvac system about 18 months ago, and they hired incompetent people to install it. 14 months after it was installed, the machine caught on fire, they did not install a grounding wire, the wiring inside the unit was done incorrectly, and sears refuses to do anything about it. Do not trust this company to do any work in your home, they might just burn it down. I'm lucky that I was home when my unit caught on fire.

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