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i contracted sears to put a new roof on my house, they were not the best estament but they financed at 9% which i thought was good, the salesman was a nice man we got along well talked for about 2hrs my wife cooked dinner while we talked and he stayed for dinner very nice experience, we signed a contract over coffee after dinner and all was good, i thought i had made a new friend and a good deal. then nothing, no one called for two weeks, and i couldnt get hold of any one, he new i had leaks in the roof and was waiting for the new one, but still nothing, then finaly at the end off the two weeks the salesman called and said he had made a mistake, that he had only measured half the roof so now it was going to cost me double the price, (15,600.00) i told him i couldnt do that, he was nice about it and said thats what i told them, then said but we will let you out of the contract, i was glad about that and thanked him, then i got to thinking about it, i know, bad thing to do. the other estimates 2 were cheaper and one was higher, so did they all mis measure or is sears just that much higher priced than everyone else, in one cast sears was all most triple the price, WOW, i thuoght. my credit is top notch i got the city bank card good for 10,000 threw sears he never told me about the same day in the mail, so did he call me up and lie about the price being double to get out of the deal and make me feel good about it? i dont know. i had 5000 to put down on the roof that i was going to pay another card off with that, but the sales man had the good idea, pay off the other card that was 21% intrest and pay out the roof finance at at 9% that way i would save $ in the long run, (good idea) i did just that, now that they canceld the contract i have no money for a roof that leaks and a credit card with out a high enough limit to pay anyone else to put a roof on my house, im pretty much screwd, no $, no contract, and no roof in site. not to mention i found black mold growing on the celling where the roof is leaking. thanks sears

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